Debates on what’s possible and what isn’t are always going to be with us. Of all generations we should know better by now. Yet, some skepticism still rules many. Possibility is not about ‘if’ but ‘when’.

So, what makes things possible?

For a start, it is refusing that it is impossible. Refusal that things are impossible takes the form of not giving up on trying. The innovators are innovators because they don’t stop trying.

Because one attempt or one way of doing something doesn’t work it doesn’t mean there isn’t a way. Find a way. Tweak as you go along. The pursuit of ‘possible’ is not for the faint hearted. Neither is it for people who are quick to accept defeat.

Leadership, both personal and at an enterprise level, is about defying your own limitations. If you cannot believe you can be better then you won’t. If you don’t believe that there has to be some way you will stop searching.

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Limitations are not going to always yield because you wish things a certain way. If you believe that everything will always be to your convenience you’re never going to win.

You could yield before you start. Or dare, and start. Debates on what’s possible and what’s isn’t are best settle by action. Decide to do something. Live in the realm of “possible” by taking action.

Do it not for the masses, but for yourself. Others will benefit from you pushing boundaries. Don’t do it for your ego. Do it so that you know it is always possible. Do it so that you’re your own inspiration when your own doubts try to rule you. Do it so that you have a point of reference for future innovation and impact.

Dare. Start.

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