I’m one of those people who ooze ideas. I love them. I look for them. I’m sure you’ve also had a heck of a lot of ideas as well.

Some of them came to naught and others have created beautiful things. You’ve allowed them to work through your arms and touch the world.

Often it is not how great an idea is that determines its effectiveness or its worth. I know too many people who carry awesome, insane-great ideas and that’s all they are.

Nothing we dream can ever make any difference if it remains with us, in us. Sharing an idea is not what changes the world.

Sharing an idea is a mere violation of silence, if that’s all that ever happens with your ideas [Click to Tweet]

Ideas only become meaningful when they work through our arms. They only make a difference as we start shipping them. By this I mean some sort of implementation.

A lot of ideas are stuck. Not that people have been doing something about them, but they are still at the starting line. Many ideas starve and idea at the start line.

Inactivity is the assassination of ideas. When you don’t act on them they fade away. They recede into obscurity of our minds. The clutter of our lives and other activities swallows them up.

If you really believe in making a difference, in shattering the status quo in some regard, then you have to start. Some never start because they want to have everything figured out before they do.

Some want to accomplish all the potential they ideas carry in one shot. This never works. Start with one thing. Look at what the next step is and act on it.

Don’t try to get to the finish line in one leap. The only leap you should be worried about taking is the first one. After that, worry about the next one. That is called progress.

Stop looking to get to the mountaintop in one leap, it will paralyze you and stop you from starting. Think about the next step and start. Start. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.

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