Listening to all the disses and praise of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, reminded me of how many will never do anything significant with their lives. It has shown me how little we pay attention to history. Not in the sense of the past, but how it is being made, today.

(It is interesting watching haters of Apple (the iPhone, iPod, Macbook etc company). I like my Apple devices. I’ve decided to grow out of the, “why my iPhone or Mac is better than your Win-doze phone PC etc.”

I’ve concluded, ultimately it is the users’ decision what works for them (despite a lot of people being fatally misguided). Anyways…)

I’ve said it before, there’s never a shortage of opinions. It is just impossible!

While We’re Busy Being Experts Of Why Others Are Wrong Or Succeeding:

While We Are…, They Are…

Most of the world is full of critics. Not just in the negative sense, but positive as well. While we criticise or praise Apple (and others), or other people in general, they’re changing the world in our face. The sad thing is that we’re blind to it; eyes wide shut.

The doers are busy changing the world and we think we’re critquing their products or initiatives but what we’re actually doing is writing ourselves in history as, “those who said ‘ABC’ while Mr X revolutionised Y”.

While we’re celebrating that we have their latest product, we’re part of their story as the platform (or fanatics) of their success. Some make a living out of criticising . Hello bloggers…

While we’re talking about what they (whoever they are) they’re doing two things, sometimes simultaneously. They’re listening and gleaning ideas from us, bettering their offerings to the world on our ideas and we pay for them as they are delivered back to us in packaging so beautiful we don’t even want to throw away.

Another reminder: ideas don’t matter much till they are worked through. They don’t matter till someone makes them matter, by making them tangible, living things.

In other areas, while we’re obsessed about why things aren’t working the way they should. While we waste a part of our lives talking about others’ failure (and successes) they aren’t even listening to us as they pour themselves into their next attempt.

The Alternative

I’m not suggesting we go mum. We have the liberty to have and share our opinions and experience. That is a good thing but only to a point. At some point we need to shut up and devote ourselves to being doers. Producing things that touch lives, change the world.

Because, remember: while we’ve been talking others are writing history.

Don’t be flippant about your abilities.

Do something. Maybe it is time to stop running your mouth and to start rolling up your sleeves.

Scale is not the issue. Remember, Apple, and many others we esteem so highly were once nothing but dreamers and doers in a garage somewhere. The world is defined by doers, not just great ideas. History and the future, is owned by those who do!

While we’re busy being experts of why others are wrong or succeeding they’re redefining history. They’re dictating how we, the critics, are going to live our lives, not in the distant future, but the very near future. Dare. Start.

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