Leading Your Tribe And Product Development Like ‘A Boss’!

13 thoughts on “Leading Your Tribe And Product Development Like ‘A Boss’!”

  1. Yeah John has offered so much. still does. I remember the old tent blogger days. Heck, it was an about me for twitter: “I’m a tentblogger.” But never got to understand what he taught to the fullest. Don’t know why. Now, his philosophy in clarity and simple is sinking in. He pretty much encouraged to get my feet wet in iOS development just recently. oh no!

    I search my name in his blog and it dates me back to early 2010. Yeah, I’ve been following since then.

    I don’t think we’ve ever met.

    1. :-) yeah, i’ve found his material and outlook refreshing and non-cliché. i think the challenge for everyone is to find their unique “message” and to communicate it in simple and clear way…

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