I’ve just been watching the Cricket test match between South Africa and England. South African seem on the back foot at the moment. (Am writing this with one eye on the game; the era of many screens…) South Africa is struggling with their game.

The top specialist batsmen are floundering. So, a lot of the heavy lifting in the batting line up is now left to others, who are weaker in batting. That’s a great parable for teamwork.

It is obvious that when others aren’t playing their part they way they should, others and the team suffer. Mission suffers and compromised.

Fact: all of us will struggle with form at some point.

Our attitude towards barriers we encounter is the difference between failure and success. Grit is necessary for advancing, without grit one is not likely to see things through.

As they observed individuals struggle to get into the game, the commentators had a few things to say. The commentator weren’t the average ones. They spoke from experience as professional cricketers.

They shared their struggles; how they experienced and dealt with being out of form. One of them said mentioned how easy it is to panic and grasp at straws.

He went on to say in those moments of panic, one could end up making issues out of every, single thing. This happens when you try to identify what you’re doing wrong.

One of the things he suggested can seem counterintuitive. Instead of trying to find and address all things you’re doing wrong, or failing at, retreat. Retreat to your ‘style of play’. Retreat and lean into your strengths. Refocus on what you do well and go all out again.

I think when you’re struggling with form, one of the things you need to start with is slowing down. Imagine you’re caught in a net. Panicking only makes it worse; you get entangled even more.

When you don’t have a lot of time to recalibrate, your strengths can be your best bet. Revisiting the fundamentals and executing them as best as your can, can save you.

Something to consider… yes?

Slowing down to reflect is important. Don’t undermine what you already know and can already do. Remind yourself what you’re best at and rock it out like a baws.


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