When people are privileged to connect with someone who’s successful they often want to know their “secret to success”. It is like success is a mystery formula. Perhaps…

I’ve discovered a most of the “successful” leaders or people, generally can’t tell you one thing that made them successful. They tend to attribute numerous factors. Because we want a simple answer for success we often drill down our questions to, “what is the one thing?” or “what are the there most…”

Of course you’ve never asked such questions. I’m just that guy who sometime looks for the easier. I want simple questions on complex things. Unfortunately, success is complicated. Leaders who make peace with this fact are more likely to stick it out and, at some point, strike pay dirt.

However, there are things I believe are necessary foundations for success. That’s why we look for these pearls. One of the most important ingredients for success is simple but difficult: sticking it out.

Without an appreciation of this in practice is will guarantee failure or success by default. Most successful people did so by default; they stuck things out. Others failed by default; they never stuck at it.

Success is more likely when you stick it out. By that I mean hanging around even through the difficult times in your leading and the life of your organization. I mean a commitment to find what might work when seems to want to work. You are not ready to lead until you’re willing to stick it out. Really stick it out.

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Failure is guaranteed when you give in at the first sign of difficulty and discomfort. Running leaders are failing leaders. You cannot be a successful person if you’re never willing to stand in challenges.

Failure to stand is failure by default. You’ll never know if it was possible to succeed when you run at the first sign of challenges. You will never have the kind of stories of success you love hearing from those you look up to.

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It is the times you feel like giving up. Those times you can justify throwing in the towel that you are proven. It is those time leaders or organizations can built their credibility. It is the time they seal their fate: success or failure.

So, what is the default for success and failure? Just a reminder. It is how well you stick it out. How committed are you to making things happen?

Sticking it out is one of the defaults or success or failure. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.

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