5 of 9 Ways To Guarantee Your Failure (Part 2)

I shared 4 of 9 ways to guarantee your failure yesterday… here are the rest of the 9  ways to secure your failure!

  1. Don’t set milestones and celebrate achievements. A goal will be more achievable when you set smaller steps or milestones. Milestones can be celebration points that help you realize how far you’ve come and how much further to go. When teams, leaders and people in general don’t celebrate or acknowledge progress they can easily get  despondent.
  2. Allow past failures to be an inhibiting and not liberating force.
  3. Always hang out with people that talk about why it can’t be done. You strengthen what you echo. What you constantly listen to will affect your outlook. This group of people is normally a gathering of those that aren’t doing or haven’t tried anything themselves!
  4. Hang out with those who criticize the doers. There are times I’ve been around people that always find something to criticize in other people’s attempts. Eventually, when it was my turn to act, I was afraid about what the same people would say about me and my attempts or methods. (also see number 3)
  5. Do everything solo. When you do everything on your own, especially in areas of your ignorance and ineptitude success is far from guaranteed!

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