I have been a little pensive, dreaming about the future while evaluating the near past. It is bitter-sweet. The thought of possibilities evoke passion and excitement. Past failures, on the other hand, remind me of what can go wrong.

Past and anticipated failure is why we sometimes do not attempt anything. Past failures are often reason for anticipated failure. Allowed to fester, fear paralyses.

While possibility also excites it discourages. Discouragement results at the thought of the work it takes to make possibility real. The truth is anything that involves work will be exhausting. Tasks can seem daunting until we actually get started.

Perhaps a cure for the “insurmountable feeling” is as simple as getting started. It is getting started without consulting that side of us that doesn’t want to have another failure… Or downright laziness we all have to battle from time to time.

The voices encouraging despair also come from having tried and not seeing the desired results. Let’s be real, it is not easy to keep at something when you’ve done and are doing all you know to do but are not seeing the change or results it is supposed to produce.

How can I combat the discouraging feelings? I cannot think of many things now except one. (Perhaps you can help…) The reason many never move forward or achieve much, or dare to pursue dreams they carry is that they consult the feeling…

The feeling that says it is too hard. That feeling that says, “The dream you have does not matter. Maybe it matters but not much…”

giving up is euphemism for self-robbery?

Feeling like giving up is only human. Following that feeling is a choice. Make a pre-decision: the feeling of giving up is one you will not entertain.

Question: What do you do when you are discouraged? What advice do you give to others and me in times they feel like giving up?



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  1. I have a faint idea on what was happening when i wrote this but this is a post i read to myself in those not so comfortable times. i don’t feel like this right now but it’s interesting i wrote this… somehow i love how i wrote here. perhaps its the vulnerability that grabs at me…