Really Understanding Change Better; Change Is…

Initiating and leading change is the heart of heretic leadership. Change is most meaningful and significant when it is caused and not imposed by the environment. Great leaders are great friends with change. Change is not competition or a goal but a means that must never be laid down.

Change creates and destroys. Worthwhile change destroys to build greater. Change for the sake of change is wasted effort and resource. Change is not worth the trouble if all it does is change how things are done but not adding value to the ultimate result or product.

Change is contrary. It does not agree with the status quo. When you find yourself fighting to keep the status quo you may just be fighting opportunity for greater.

Understanding Change Better; Change Is...
demanding change is more than just demanding changing; it is asking for what comes with it || image by Unlisted Sightings | cc

Change is always there. Fighting change is useless. Being intentional with driving change is what changing things. Being comfortable with the new is how leaders become friends with change. Change is how you get to new. Change is how you get to fresh.

Change is also scary. Because it also introduces the unknown, it evokes fear in the hearts of those that prefer the predictable. The predictable is boring… Great leaders understand that predictable does not get attention. Change creates adventure. Change is an adventure.

Nothing can be greater without change.

Change is not optional. It is either you cause it or you stumble because of it. You either get with change or you become a victim of it. You can let change dictate your new direction or you can dictate the change and thereby determine the new direction.

Change is disruptive. You cannot introduce changes without disruption. Introducing change is inviting disruption.

Change is inspiring. When leaders look hard enough, they will realize that the possibilities that come with change are always more than we initially realize. Great leaders intentionally create space in their diaries to explore, in a deeper way other opportunities change is likely to present.

Asking for change is asking for all of the above. The paradox: nothing can be greater without change. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.

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  1. Great post! A must read for leaders out there!

  2. Great summary on change! All leaders need to be adaptable and initiators of change!