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The Danger Of Disinformation / Misinformation

The present COVID19 crisis is amplifying the danger of disinformation / misinformation and fake news. Of course the scourge of fake news and conspiracies isn’t new. It’s just that it gets amplified in times like the one we’re living in.

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I GET To Cook.

At the end of the long day. Part of me thinking, “Now I have to cook. And, we had to do dishes from previous meals”

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One Big Thing To Remember About Blogging

I’ve been blogging for a long time here and a few other places. While I continue to write and publish elsewhere, I find it helpful to still do this ‘personal’ blogging. I need the space to write uninhibited. Top process and share my thoughts unfettered. Where I don’t worry about a brand or tone, or persona. One […]


Lockdown Experience And Reflections So Far

The COVID-19 crisis has the world in turmoil. I don’t remember a time in my lifetime that we, as humanity, have experienced such shared angst. Drastic measures, like national lockdowns / shelter in place, all over the world. I thought I wouldn’t be ‘one of those people’ sharing a lockdown diary. Maybe I am and […]

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When We Just Can’t Even

Life has been happening for the entire world lately. The world is in the ugly days. The scary thing is it could early days of even uglier ones ahead. Even when we just can’t even _________.