Grief is not an easy thing. While we all may grieve, they don’t grieve the same. We grieve the loss of loved ones, but that is not the only thing we grieve. We grieve everything dear to us.

Things that matter to us impact us greatly when they come into our lives and, sadly when they die a death of sort. Dreams are some of those things that dear to us. Intimate.

When we give up on some of those intimate dreams. The ones we share with the closest people to us. On occasion, some of the dreams we have are not even uttered to the most dear to us. When those dreams die or it feels like they are slipping we grieve.

Dreams are very personal and intimate. What happens to them will affect us deeply

Some wallow in self-condemnation for not doing more. They think perhaps, if they had paid more attention. Perhaps valued the resources they had at pivotal times.

Losing dreams you have carried with you since childhood is a painful experience, to say the least. Hence some others engage in self-destructive behavior.

 No amount of pain you inflict on yourself will fix the past. No amount of self-pity will change your present circumstance either. It is a painful to think that we know they yet go on to do it.

You cannot reclaim your dream by standing still. If you had a dream and cannot completely reclaim it. Perhaps consider reclaiming certain aspects of what you appreciated about it.

Life somehow seems more meaningful when you pursue something that your heart has borne. No dream can ever be attained in one leap. You need the small steps to realize your ultimate goal.

Start doing something. Anything, anything that will get you even an inch closer to realizing your dream. A step closer to your dream is more meaningful than stationary grief. Dare. Grieve but do not stay in your place of grief.

Grief is a way of acknowledging the value we placed on something. It is a complex thing that should help you bring closure and move ahead.

Is there is still something you can do about your dream? Perhaps you are grieving prematurely. Have you completely exhausted all possibilities of realizing your dream?

Perhaps all you need is hope. It is easy to let go of your dreams when you lose your hope and expectation. Find that place of hope and expectation again.

If you’re struggling to find hope to pursue your dreams again, I have a painful suggestion that may be a necessary remedy. Start taking action. Any action, small steps and it will come. Dawn for your dreams is not something afar off. It is not impossible.

Dare. Consider how badly you’ve wanted your dream? You could be grieving prematurely. Perhaps you’ve laid your dreams down because you were let down? Perhaps your dreams started slipping from you because you were not proactive.

Do you still have breath in you? If you still have breath in you, all is not lost. That which matters most to you will affect you greatly. It is not always going to be easy.

Realize it is not only your dream that is worthwhile but also its pursuit. Perhaps it is not time to abandon your dream but it is time to abandon prematurely grieving your dreams.

Maybe you need to get past grieving a dream and start again. Perhaps you should be dreaming again. A different dream. Your life and efforts can still count for something.

Sometimes it is lost or broken dreams that lead us to greater ones. It can be those dreams that move us to a story we could have never imagined. It takes just as much courage to continue pursuing as it does to let go. You will need courage either way.

A day at a time. This may be the best way to reorient yourself. It is not going to be easy to adjust from something that may have dominated your life for a long time. Either way, dare. Dare. Start.

I don’t make the assumption I understand how you might be grieving a dream. I am thinking out loud, as I walk journeys with friends. I don’t understand grief but I know people deal with it in different ways.

Are you grieving a dream? In whichever direction, dare, start.

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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  1. Stumbled upon this by accident, thanks for the encouragement, Im crying over an unfulfilled dream ready to grieve and accept the loss, yet deep down inside I know I cant.

    1. Glad you found something of use in the post… A suggestion: examine your context and formulate a way forward from there. i made some generalisations in this post but hopefully it got you on the path you need to be heading… all the best! :-)