Many a times we hear about people who had great potential but never got to see it fully realized. Or we know people that are ever talking about our dreams and what they hope to achieve one day.

But we never really see any progress in terms of the dreams being actualized. Perhaps we are those people! You know the ones ever sharing about our dreams but hardly inching any closer? I’ve been there too.

In other cases it is leaders that are ever speaking about where she hopes to see the day, the “one day our team or organization will get ‘there’…”

I think one of the reasons why progress toward goals etc is stalled is mostly due to us. I’d kinda throw a uhm conjured statistic… I think 90% of our progress is stalled or advanced is dependent more on us as individuals and leaders and 10% on circumstances…

I think the bottom line toward achieving goals is how we respond to the circumstances and challenges we face. We must view obstacles as challenges to go around, over, under or even bust through!

And, at other times we should agree with our adversity (that’s another story for another time)… Sometimes the obstacles tell us to take a different route.

So, I was recently reminded and challenged of two of some of the essentials that build the bridge between the dream(s) and their fruition. The first is work. Sounds simple, yet profound.

Obvious? Of course! The truth is that nothing ever happens until we intentionally exert ourselves.

However, at times we forget the importance of our labor. In the heat of a season’s frustration we focus on the uncomfortable yet passing circumstance at the expense of the ultimate prize. That point, is also the time we either don’t give our 100% or even give up.

In the times we contemplate and toy with the idea of giving up on the work, we lose traction and momentum. One of the things I believe we need to settle is that work is essential to fruition of vision and is a non-negotiable.

When the work is tiring and sometimes an unrelenting task master we need to remember its importance in relation to seeing progress and growth. Lately I’ve tried to employ visible and tangible reminders in helping me realize the importance of labor for some new projects I have sights on.

Fruition of the vision / dream is synonymous with work. You can have a dream without work, but you can never have the actualization of the same without work!

One of the tread mills that some people get caught in, is “this is a God-given dream and God will see it come to pass!”. Sure! He will on condition that we put in the work it takes on our part.

I would like to encourage you to review the bigger picture and reaffirm the purpose of your labor. I’d like to challenge you to pick up your tools with greater resolve. I’d like to challenge you to be a little more realistic even your desire to see the fulfillment of what you dream.

Remember, you can have the dream without work, but you’ll never have the fruition of the dream without work. I hope this has helped you remember the reason for your labour. I hope this has helped give purpose to your toil. Go work, make it happen.

On the Bridge Between Dream Vision And Fruition – Essential 1, Essential is work, no other way.

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