Over the last few days I’ve toyed with working on some drafts (blog posts etc). I’ve just felt too tired. It is not that my brain mind was or isn’t capable. My mind was more than willing but couldn’t escape the knock-on effect of its bearer.

I’m not even sure I could call my body the bearer of the mind or brain. In a sense it is but in another these are partners. Limitations on the other have an impact. There’s an interconnectedness about myself that I can’t afford to overlook.

Because I’m tired, I’m more likely to be incoherent. In person, when tired I sometimes have brain freeze; I speak even slower, I forget or mix up people’s names.

If I push hard through that for too long then I get irritable. When I’m very, very tired, I might even doze off. (Dozing off is quite an achievement, taking into account my regular bouts with insomnia.)

I’ve come to realise the impact of fatigue on my body, mind, and ultimately my productivity. Appreciating my limits, in a sense, is helpful in that I know how to spread my energy and focus.

While striving to be and do the best, I must make sure that I do what is best for both my work, sanity health. The reason is simple: because all these things are connected.

The ecology of our health and productivity is delicate. Neglecting one over the other affects all areas of our lives. Be a student of yourself. Know how you respond when you, in a sense, over-extend yourself. It is critical for your survival and everything you’re responsible for.

Sometimes impaired judgement is not about incompetence, but about exposure to elements that (can) become unhealthy for us over time. In the search for “great” and “best” make sure rest is in the mix. This will help make sure that parts of you are healthy not just as parts of the ecology but as an ecosystem.

#NoteToSelf: Take care of yourself so that others can continue to benefit from your gifts for a very long time. Do that so that your gifts are not wasted on yourself. You are one person with many facets. You’re not fragmented…

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