Holidays or vacations are great things. If used properly they can help you recharge and recoup. This, of course, is based on the assumption that you’ve been working hard and need the time out.

Both our physical and mental energies need restoration often. Balance is a myth. Healthy tensions in normal (whatever that is), everyday life are necessary for us to always do and enjoy life at its best.

Thus, we need a break everyday (coffee, lunch), in the week (weekends), month and so on… Holidays are a bigger part of that cycle. So, public holidays and such are a great time to score on down time and recoup.

That being said, what I want to get out of holidays or vacations:


I think this is the biggest one for me and most people. The challenge is doing something so that you’re not bored during the downtime. Also, I don’t want to plan so much activity that I’m tired and need another holiday to recover from my holiday.

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Rest is doing nothing. Not only that, rest is also activity that fills up and restores you. [Click to Tweet]

At the end of a holiday I want to be so revitalised and energised I’m actually looking forward to work.


Often, when on holiday, this seems to happen automatically. It must be something to do with just slowing down. Often we’re too busy running that some important things are lost in a blur.

A great holiday is one I’ve managed to slow down enough that reflection happens ‘uncaused’. Often reflection gives purpose to effort. We don’t always see the full value of our efforts while in activity.

Reflection is not just about the past. It is also peering into the future. Distilled or clouded, thinking about the future in an unstructured way is the start of clarifying goals and actions post vacation.

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Being aware of what you get out of your ‘downtime’ helps you structure or plan your time. It helps me (and you) keep in sight things that need to be factored in or out.

I’ll be intentional with my holidays. I’ve come to understand and appreciate the connection between rest and productivity. Living life in its fulness is not just about looking for an out from my work.

My work is not also the totality of my life. Holidays are an important part of managing the tension. Managing full life and leadership.

What things do you hope to get out of your holidays?

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