Just saw this question posed on Twitter and I thought, “that’s not something that I’ve explicitly blogged about!”. How I recharge on the weekend could make an interesting post.

Earlier today someone was talking about how “introverts reacharge this way and extrovert the other…”. I tried to box myself as either but I think I’m almost an even mix of both.

While I love people, sometimes I get recharged by being with them and almost in the same proportion, solitude and silence recharges me. Before I take off on a tangent let me reign myself…

How I Recharge On The Weekend:


Writing is one of the ways I recharge. Because it is something that demands that I, in a sense, collect myself, it helps me get a pulse of my internal world. Like I’ve said before, sometimes I don’t know what I’m thinking until I write.

Besides writing for my blogs (here, this one and this one), I try to journal. I don’t do so as much as I’d like but now and then as I reflect, I journal.


Being at home with Ingrid and just chilling, does me some good. Making breakfast (bacon = yum!) and just ‘being’, no pressure or rush to being anywhere or doing…


This is not something I normally do on a weekend. But I what do when it comes to exercise is that I don’t usually do it on the weekend. It could be that when I do exercise it is mostly during the week. Perhaps part of me also sees it as work. I don’t know…


Whenever I can I watch sport. Rugby and cricket are my thang… I used to play squash almost every Saturday morning, but since moving to Cape Town I haven’t found a squash home, which is something I need to get to.


I love words. Not just creating with them but consuming. I do a lot of reading on Medium. I read blogs and books. Reading just fills me up. Particularly the kind of reading that is not imposed on me, as in assignments or research.


I don’t just listen to music. I devour it. I drink deeply of it. I listen for everything in every piece. It just fills me up. I love all music (except for country and anything with screaming or growling). I listen to different genres and allow myself to just enjoy it.


Ingrid and me are all for great outings. Excursions, hitting museums, touring small towns and delving into their history, markets, live performances, great food and  places…

I love trips that aren’t too far yet close enough to feel as if we’ve travelled far.


Connecting with friends at great restaurants or braai (Southern African word for barbecue) handing in the park, at the beach or harbour… Company can make such a huge difference…


I guess it take varied things for me to recharge. It mostly depends on what has happened in the week. For instance, if I’ve been around people the greater part of the week, I tend to want solitude and silence.

I just want to be at home and not be bothered. If most of my activity has been in isolation, I normally want to be around people.

Some things, like being with Ingrid, music and writing are very standard. That is great any weekend.

What do you do to recharge on a weekend?

image: Takashi Hososhima | cc

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