What I Want To Get Out Of Holidays

Holidays or vacations are great things. If used properly they can help you recharge and recoup. This, of course, is based on the assumption that you’ve been working hard and need the time out.

Both our physical and mental energies need restoration often. Balance is a myth. Healthy tensions in normal (whatever that is), everyday life are necessary for us to always do and enjoy life at its best.

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Helping Team Translate Implications For Areas Of Their Responsibility

In another post, (this one) I shared about a challenge I had in unlocking potential from some team members. The short of it, is that I didn’t realise they were failing to translate what a change in strategy at an enterprise level, practically meant for them. They understood the the enterprise was headed but failed to contextualize it to particular instances.

In retrospect I see that as a one of the sources of frustration they sometimes experienced was a result of not knowing what to do in their areas of responsibility. Like me, they were clueless. “Why were they so frustrated and why couldn’t I get them to go full throttle?”

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What Do You Do When Matty Cohen Takes Your Seat?

I was at a co-working space, Daddy.O in Woodstock, Cape Town. (They’re not paying me to say this but it’s a great space to work in). To the Matty Cohen saga. So, I got a great spot / desk.

Because I had challenges with my wi-fi code, I left my backpack on the desk and I stood up. Walking back to my, or at least what I thought was my desk, there was a WooThemes ninja, Matty Cohen!

Matty is a great guy. I hate to move him or be that whining guy we love to hate. He was engaged in an obivously scintillating conversation with another guy, all the while still sitting at my desk! So, What do you do when Matty Cohen takes your seat?

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