What Do You Do When Matty Cohen Takes Your Seat?

I was at a co-working space, Daddy.O in Woodstock, Cape Town. (They’re not paying me to say this but it’s a great space to work in). To the Matty Cohen saga. So, I got a great spot / desk. Because I had challenges with my wi-fi code, I left my backpack on the desk and I […]

THE Best @MotherlandCo I’ve Been Too Yet

When Ingrid and I lived in Joburg I sometimes planned my work and meetings to either be at Motherland Coffee or somewhere nearby. With the move to Cape Town we’re now kinda trying to find some new cool and special places. Finding favorite coffee shops, hang out spots etc. fun! I’ve been to many Motherland […]

Good Tired; Reboot

Just came out of a hectic few days. Again, something I’ve been working through: How to keep “rebooting” myself after an intense-ish period of output, and be even more creative and productive. Every leader must be in touch with themselves to deal with this question. This means also being a student of oneself. It means […]