Leading Your Tribe And Product Development Like ‘A Boss’!

I wanted to have this post’s title as “Leading Your Tribe And Product Development Like A Boss – Learning From John Saddington“. The only challenge is that my very SEO savvy 8bit developed Standard Theme told me it would be too long and unfriendly. There’s enough talk about the death of SEO, but that’s for another post… Anyways, also, […]

Lost In Expression

This was a job ad I saw in a newspaper. Imagine that! An earth moving mechanic… I had no idea such existed. Where can I sign up to be that? Communication happens when the message received by the receiver is as intended by the sender There’s always room for misinterpretation. What varies is the degree […]

Unlocking The Genius You

Einstein was definitely onto something… It is often what we think of ourselves that defines our approach to many things. And, most of what we think about ourselves starts with how we measure ourselves. Comparison is not a great way to make peace with who / what you are or not. Because you’re not like […]

Fear Of Missing Out (aka F.O.M.O) And Transition

Transitions, whether caused or imposed, can have a certain, “Fear Of Missing Out” aka “F.O.M.O.” to them. One of the reasons people fear committing to new ventures is fear of missing out on something else. As life and reality would have it, one can only be fully present in a few endeavours or contexts at […]

Rule #01 | When Assuming A New Leadership Role

Sometimes I think a lot. At other times too much (and sometimes it hurts). Writing is one of the tools that help me clarify a lot in terms of my thinking or reflecting. I’ve written about this before, here. I haven’t made a journal entry this year and I probably should be doing that. Having […]