Unlocking The Genius You

7 thoughts on “Unlocking The Genius You”

  1. Great article! :) I still stand by my sentiment that Einstein never said that, but nevertheless… ;)

      1. Well I think part of why people feel the quote holds such value is because Einstein who was a proven genius ‘said’ that everybody is a genius. So the fact that he didn’t say it changes that slightly, but the sentiment still remains, which I do support.

        I do believe that we all have unique sets of skills which equip us to add value in our own way. I think the quote shouldn’t be taken literally in terms of IQ levels, as everyone has a different IQ, but again I don’t think that this is the point.

        I’m just aware that many quotes are attributed incorrectly to Einstein, and for some reason we as society seem to deem it that much more profound. So I guess I’m torn between saying ‘Oh well, it doesn’t matter that it’s a misquote, the idea is the same’ and saying ‘for some reason someone pretended that Einstein said this to add more value to it’… Make sense? :)

        1. yeah, makes sense… for me it wasn’t about who said it. for me it, would hold the same weight regardless of who said it. i have quoted a lot of unknown people because I found their statements to be both profound and challenging…

          but i do get you… you can check out some of the quotes from people that are no where as famous, that I’ve used, here —> https://blessing.im/category/quotes/

          love your heart! man, you rock!

          1. Yeah I’m with you there, I wish everyone’s words held the same power for the general public, but I guess on the other hand I understand that people want to hear what influential and recognised figures have to say…

            In any case, I’ll check out some of those quotes, thanks for keeping us thinking and adjusting our lifestyles accordingly! ;)

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