Because you have capacity or the ability to do something doesn’t mean you must do it. It is not always reason enough to do something. Abilities and or capacity are mere indicators of possibility not explicit demand for action.


One of the reasons your ability is not a good enough reason to pursue something is because it detracts from your core focus. As obvious as this sounds, many leaders have dragged enterprises through pursuits that either barely or completely did not add value to the core mission of their enterprise.

Before committing time and other resources to anything make sure you ask the question, “Does this add high value to realising our mission?” With that in mind, it is the responsibility of leadership to make sure that it adds value in no small measure.

Every endeavour by your enterprise must be to the highest value.


Similar to the point on focus…  Whether in your capacity as leader or as an organisation you must not do some things because they either slow your momentum or help negative momentum. Momentum is a delicate thing. It is often small hinges that swing big doors.

Always consider how what you do impacts your momentum…

Priority Tango

In case you haven’t noticed, this post doesn’t have any new or earth shattering stuff. It is some of these small things that leaders overlook and end up paying dearly through the failure of their organisations or teams… Moving on…

Because you can do whatever you can do it doesn’t mean you should because it is not important and or urgent. It is easy to get sidetracked to things that don’t matter, both in the present or future…


Only do things when you are clear of the value add they bring. The why of any activity in your organisation must be locked into the ‘greater why’. Lone ranger or stand alone endeavours are dangerous detractors from the mission…


Don’t just do something because you can [Click to Tweet].

Do whatever you do because it is intimately pertinent to your mission [Click to Tweet].

Do things because they have a significant or high value add to your mission [Click to Tweet].

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