Things That Cannot Be Separated From Leading

Some things just go together. And, you cannot expect to lead without encountering some things. There are some leadership components that are not removable add-ons. You are guaranteed to have them. Period.

Leaders cannot escape taking responsibility for their vision and teams. They also don’t have the luxury of placing the blame for their team’s failure on their team. They must own it.

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Things That Cannot Be Separated From Leading

Some Things That Cannot Be Separated From Leading:

Whatever You Call Them

Whether you call them; problems, challenges or lessons, you are going to have them. A lot of them. Leadership includes casting vision and many other things, as well as removing any obstacles to their vision. This inevitably means troubleshooting.

Leader, do you ever wonder why everyone seems to bring problems to you? The answer is simple:

As a leader, you’re the primary problem-solver

The reason why everyone seems to bring his or her problems to you is because you’re the leader. Because your team sees you as the primary problem-solver they might extend the scope of the problems you solve by occasionally throwing in some personal ones.


Do not become a leader if you’re unwilling to answer questions. If you don’t have the relevant answer make sure you have the relevant response.

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The danger with being ‘question averse’ is that it creates panic and anxiety in your team. Leadership that does not accommodate questions breeds chaos. Be prepared to answer or respond to questions appropriately.

Great leaders anticipate questions that are likely to be asked and address them before they are asked.

If you’re going to lead well, you’re going to have to deal with questions.


Leadership without vision is a contradiction. You cannot be a leader without vision. You must have clear sight about where you are going and that everyone in your bus is in the right seat.

Direction and function are something leadership does. Like taking blame for failure, you cannot delegate giving direction and assigning key functions from leadership.

Frustration and stagnation result when leaders do not give direction and function.

Stop wondering and complaining about why your teams asks you what they need to do, you must point the way. This doesn’t absolve teams from taking initiative in the areas of responsibility.

The Point

Leadership is a great responsibility. It’s great not because of the magnitude but also the opportunity it gives to define greater futures for those we lead. It presents great opportunities for ultimately making the world a greater place. Embrace it with the good, bad and ugly and keep in sight what you should be achieving.

You cannot swim without getting in the water. Neither can you change anything for the greater if you cannot deal with all the issues that come with leadership.

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