Change is almost inevitable for the team or organisation receiving a new leader. Every leader has his or her idiosyncrasy and that colours how they do what they do. Managing change when assuming a new leadership role is key for the successful transitions.

There will be necessary and forced adjustments as both teams and leaders establish working rapport. Then there are changes leaders will make. It is expected that new leaders make some changes.

Though change is necessary, it must be done with consideration if it is to ultimately achieve its purpose.

Change must never be a goal per se. Change must always be seen as a ‘mission enabler’ [Click to Tweet]

Change for the sake of it, will guarantee purposeless instability. When change is done for the sake of it, waste and abuse of resources is imminent.

Thus, when assuming a new role as a leader, be clear about the purpose for any required change. For effective leadership change is necessary.

No changes in organisations almost suggest a lack of leadership. Internal and external environments demand change. Reading and translating the implications of these demands is a leadership function.

To lead you must navigate and cause change. For the new leader, remember to start by listening and being led before starting with change. Make sure you have understood why fences were put up before you tear them down.

So, you must be clear and help those you lead understand why change is necessary. A team clear about the necessity of change doesn’t guarantee success but increases the odds for the failure of change and its purpose.

The next level up, know and communicate the why of the how. Great changes can be undermined by means. The means of change are just about as important as the change itself.

Love you mission enough to pay attention to the processes that make it happen.

Lead well…

Your take / thoughts on leaders taking on new leadership roles?


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