I’ve started making notes to myself on things I should do, as assuming a new leadership role. (If you’ve been following my blog, thank you… Also, you will know how I’ve highlighted writing as one, if not the biggest way I reflect. My apologies for repeating this, again)

In an earlier post I wrote about how leaders need to avoid making suggestions too early in their tenure, but listen. In that post also did say, “As a new leader make sure you’re not a jerk”. Well, enough about that. You can see that post here.

be led

Moving on…

When assuming a new leadership role in a place where you, as the leader are the new one, don’t be so quick to start leading. I know you’re there to lead but leading doesn’t necessarily mean start calling all the shots as you walk in the doors.

When you’re a new leader in a team and or organization that is somewhat established, instead of leading, be led. Be a part of the established practices and processes.

Let people responsible for the different functions affecting your role and where possible, the enterprise at large, to lead you.

Failure to let your team lead you is a failure in your leadership [Click to Tweet]

Allow people involved in the processes to show you and explain how and why things are done the way they are. Follow through with how each processes or department feeds off another while enabling another. Where possible get into the trenches with those you (will) lead.

Being a player on the teams of those you (will) lead will give you more insight not only about how systems work, but also how they lead or contribute as individuals. Relationships are key for achieving. Thus the interactions at the ‘being led level’ facilitate critical relationship building.

One of the reasons competent leaders fail is leading from rank, with no relational foundation [Click to Tweet]

Without the experience and knowledge of how people and systems work, you could destroy fences that will leave your enterprise exposed.

There is history embedded in an intuitive way in those who serve that they would never think about sharing if you asked them to put them in a manual. Being in their space makes you aware of those not so obvious things.

Rule to assuming a new leadership role: Be led. [Click to Tweet] 

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