Complaining leaders aren’t great to be around. Neither are they healthy for moving teams forward as well as realizing vision.

Complaining leaders, and teams, give too much power to what they complain about. In a sense, what we continually complain about owns us.

Goal focused leaders know to change something when they are not happy about it. True leadership is defining stuff. It is defining vision, the means to reach it and the environment it is pursued.

change it

To be a successful, leaders, must never feel threatened by policies that they create. If your policies don’t fit your context, change them.

Organizations die on the stake of policies they created, if they mistake this simple fact: process and policies are there to serve them and their pursuits not the other way round.

If your policies are in the way or a hindrance, change them. Don’t get so stuck in crossing ever “t” because of a clause in a policy document you have control over.

I’m not proposing for a disregard of systems in your organization, but a realization that if they do start interfering with the core of what you’re about you can change them.

Leaders must guard from the fear of change. Policy and strategy changes must never come in the way of what you’re about. Make the changes you need to make.

Engage your team and organization for the reasons for those changes and move ahead.

Remember: communication is at the heart of causing and leading change. When leaders recognize and act on the need for change in approaches it communicates to the organization commitment to vision more than the means to reach it.

Leaders tying their own hands by blindly sticking to policies they create inhibit growth and innovation.

If it’s not working or serving your vision the way it should, change it. Lead. Be boldBe /ˈherətik/.

[image by Julian Partridge | cc]

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