The soul of many organisations is often compromised when its leaders want to be right all the time. Wanting to be right at all times must never come at the expense of the vision of an enterprise.

Wanting to be right all the time means no one else’s opinion, insight or wisdom counts for much. It centralizes the point of failure and success. This is not wise especially when there’s a pool of wisdom and expertise to draw from.

Leaders must guard from ego tripping; from being overtaken by the desire to know it all. When leaders think all the answers and solutions should come from them they miss out on the benefits of wise ignorance.

What should matter more is not who is right but what is right. This keeps vision in perspective. This keeps everyone’s eye on the prize. When who matters more, people in a team divert their valuable energy and other resources to play, “king of the hill”.

Focus on who means creates a personality complex. It means when that who is taken out of the equation everything falls apart. It also puts the demise and or success of an enterprise in the hands of one person.

The most important thing should always be what is right. It is not personalities that build vision but having the right things in the right place the right way, that does. When you focus on the things that should be in place, it creates systems that are self-sustaining and independent.

The thing is, when any on your team is right, and everything is in its place, the vision wins. Everyone wins. The reason for the people and other resources to come together is realised.

It should be what and not who for the win. Oh, I think I’m at the end of the post and I just realised, this doesn’t apply to leaders only. It applies to team members just as much.

Significant success for any enterprise greatly depends on people willing to lose for the sake of the vision. Not Who’s Right, But What’s Right…

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  1. Nice post Heretic! Tough to keep the ego in check!