Art can is subjective. As are many other things… Graffiti can be easily dismissed by others, yet a legitimate art form. It teaches us to be resilient and dare…

To those who know, understand and appreciate it, it is valuable and valid. Waiting for everyone all the the time to validate your craft and or mission will stifle your creativity and innovation.

Make peace with the fact that you will never be understood by everyone all the time.

Also, despite how much your work matters to you and makes a difference, opposition is inevitable. Within or without, the source of the opposition is irrelevant.

The point: love the work you do. Let vision mean more to you and all those it serves than the critics.

Hone your craft. Perfect it and it will make a difference to those who understand and appreciate it. Doing things that matter will not always be understood or appreciated.

Dare. Start.

Published by Blessing Mpofu

just a guy changing the world

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