Changing Your Mind As A Virtue

“Changing mind as a virtue” is something I don’t remember ever hearing. People have spoken about it as their own prerogative. I’ve mostly come across a changing of one’s mind talked about as a weakness. A lack of backbone and captivity to whim. Changing your mind as a virtue is terribly undermined. Not doing so can be the fruit of pride and not a reflection of strength and wisdom.

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Not Who’s Right, But What’s Right

The soul of many organisations is often compromised when its leaders want to be right all the time. Wanting to be right at all times must never come at the expense of the vision of an enterprise.

Wanting to be right all the time means no one else’s opinion, insight or wisdom counts for much. It centralizes the point of failure and success. This is not wise especially when there’s a pool of wisdom and expertise to draw from.

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