Things Failure Reminds Me

I do my best to journal. I rarely read what I’ve written in any systematic way. When I read my journal it is usually mere perusing. I recently found notes I made after a series of failures. You know what, there are many things failure reminds me.

Being Moved By The Inexplicable

Just finished watching August Rush with Ingrid. I loved the music. Almost surreal and unrealistic that people can be moved by music in such an intense way… Truth: I love music. Besides the sad country music, I’ve got no preferred genre; I love all beautiful music. I’m moved intensely by music. I weep, laugh, dance. […]

Before You Methodise Others’ Actions For Success

Because of the need, desperation even , for success, many plans are devised. This often starts with looking at others’ success. What they not only accomplished but also being students of how they did it. We read books, follow their blogs and performance of their organisations. There is nothing wrong with these things. In fact, […]

Replicating Others’ Success

The nobility in success is in its motives, which vary with individuals and organisations. Thus, success is relative. It is one of those things people know with varied interpretations. This means that we all need to have our definitions of success. At an enterprise level what success looks like needs to be crystallised. Everyone having […]