Because of the need, desperation even , for success, many plans are devised. This often starts with looking at others’ success. What they not only accomplished but also being students of how they did it. We read books, follow their blogs and performance of their organisations.

There is nothing wrong with these things. In fact, it is good to learn from others. I’m glad that they give us insight into their success from their perspective. We can learn useful and valuable principles, which can be applicable to our contexts.

Also, when the successful share their experiences we can be inspired. Sometimes the inspiration is enough.

However, there is a downside. It is that sometimes the successful, themselves, while they share actions that (might have) contributed to their success, they’re not always fully aware. Sometimes people are good at something. They might be able to articulate why or how they are but not always fully.

They might think they know but I’m not always convinced they do. Before you methodise others’ actions for success, there are things to consider. The thing is, there are often other environmental factors that we’re oblivious to. Even the most equipped scientists and researchers would never figure out intangibles such as emotions.

This is why you must be careful when you “methodise”. Simulating or emulating another’s actions and environment doesn’t guarantee your success. You cannot always, to the tiniest detail, do what others have done. It is rare you can do this to their extent.

You might work things better than them but you must not beat yourself up if you don’t or cannot. There’s a perfect tweak for you. Your success in life, and as a leader depends on fine tuning and unleashing the genius you. You might even share your story; how you did it.

If you ever get to a place of such privilege, be sure to say, “This is what I know…” or, “What I share is my experience…” One of the mistakes the “successful” can make is sharing their lessons as absolutes.

Before you methodise others’ actions in pursuit of your own success keep in mind that you are you and they are them. There are things that they can share about how they succeeded but they are not likely to know all of them. There’s always an X-factor, maybe even more than one, that cannot always be accounted for.

Expect to grow and get closer to success as you study the successful and apply what you learn. But, remember that there’s probably more to be pursued and explored beyond that. Dare. Keep pushing and exploring.

image: camil tulcan | published via DeskPM

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