When was the last time you heard that phrase; “The Privilege Of Leading”? Have you ever?

Leaders do get a platform when they champion a cause. For that reason they will get attention. Unfortunately, in the midst of that it becomes easy to get what leadership means a little mixed up. Our celebrity culture doesn’t help either.


When leaders aren’t careful, it gets to their head and their mistake the privilege they have to lead for mere status. A position of prestige to be occupied.

Leadership is a privilege. It must humble every leader that people choose to follow them. I find it more humbling that people I lead get to see my shortcomings, stupidity and downright stubborn streak and still do follow me.

Every honest leader will tell you about their moments of being a jerk. Sometimes a great jerk. I’ve been there. Yet, people gave me a chance to find my sanity and still hung around and rally around me and I pointed the way.

I have also had the privilege to lead volunteers many times. They don’t have to follow but choose to do so. It is test of true leadership; leading people who don’t have to follow you for any reason besides their choice.

When leaders don’t understand it is a privilege to lead, they take organisations down with them [Click to Tweet]

Leaders who don’t understand that is a privilege to do what they do often undermine their teams. They treat those who serve with them as servants and not co-laborers or partners. Great leaders lead without making you feel like they’re above you.

Leaders who don’t appreciate that it is a privilege to lead feel entitled to a lot of things. One of the dangers of entitlement is that it causes people to overstep boundaries with those they serve. Entitlement is an unhealthy ego fertilizer.

Great leaders, though, in a sense, walk ahead of you, actually walk beside you.

Leader, it is a privilege that you have access to the platform you have to make your organization and the world a greater place.


Leaders who understand that it is a privilege to lead, don’t take your ‘position’ and people you lead for granted. It means that you don’t hold your enterprise at ransom with your every whim.

Leaders who understand that it is privilege to serve as leaders don’t laud it over those they lead.

Again, it is a privilege that you have access to the platform you have, to make your organization and the world a greater place.

Honor your team and enterprise for honoring the privilege they have given you in leading them. Lead well.

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