There’s something we all carry on the inside, a desire to do something that matters. To make some sort of difference. While we carry this innate desire, we also can do some things and not all things. We have limitations.

How We Complicate Making A Difference


Some of the limitations we have when it comes to connecting with this need are self-imposed. One of the myths that that keeps many from doing anything that matters, is the thinking that there have to extend themselves out of who they already are.

We can get exposed to stories of people making a difference and we, either consciously or otherwise, start thinking the way to make a difference is doing the same. When do so we limit what else can be done by us and risk becoming copycats. There’s nothing wrong with being a copycat if it fits into your skill-set and passion.

However, there’s a lot of wrong trying to do something that you see others do when it is neither your passion nor forte.

Beware the belief that creeps up on you, telling you and others that there is only one way to change the world or make a difference. There isn’t.

Also, there are still many ways of making the world a little greater that are yet to be executed. You must be comfortable to be yourself and in making your own path. Dare. Start.


Another thing we see often is stories of people doing huge things. We immediately think that once we start acting on whatever we’re passionate about our endeavors will take on the scale we’ve witnessed. Wrong. Right.

What you do or can do might and might not scale to the same level. For heretics to really make a difference, they have to know that the object is to, first, start making a difference.

You might be able to scale whatever you do quickly but not likely. Another myth to bust is thinking you will have a huge platform out the gate. Not likely.

If your purpose is to be noticed, you’re not going to last long at making a difference.

In Hand

The crux, the best way to make a difference is with what is in your and where you feet are planted.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Worry more about making a difference than the size of the audience while you’re at it.

Be boldBe /ˈherətik/.

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