I’m a diligent shopper. I’m that guy who reads every word of contracts. I read manuals. Information empowers. It is even more helpful when you know where it applies. We often fall victim when information is withheld by those claiming to serve us. Not only can we be victims, we can also be the perpetrators.

It is sad that I have to write blog posts with a title, “Why You Shouldn’t Be Sneaky To Make A Sale”. I’m sure I’m not the only one…

Being sneaky for the sake of the sale will bite you, bad. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has suffered from the sting of hidden terms and conditions. The truth: there are many profiting from being sneaky. Many people and organisations pride on not doing anything illegal.

Because something isn’t particularly illegal, doesn’t make it right. Some organisations are quick to point out, “We haven’t done anything wrong”. Such an rebuttal in defence of this injustice is actually more detrimental. Because you can do something is not reason enough to do it.

Within and beyond the confines of law is something greater: doing the right thing. There is fairness and real integrity. Individuals and organisations can hide behind the law. They can hide behind what is permissible at the expense of longevity for their enterprise.

Being upfront with terms and conditions; not hiding them in the fine print, endears trust. In leading people, managing relationships and your enterprise, be upfront. It helps people when you’re clear upfront what will and will not do.

Some terms and conditions are said upfront in a cryptic and complex way. This is no different from hiding them. These ‘Ts & Cs’ only benefit people who understand them best: usually those who wrote or created them.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Sneaky To Make A Sale

Withholding information for your benefit obliterates integrity. It erodes the weight of your mission and paves the way to your demise. Do yourself a favour. Do those you serve a favour. As you go about making your sales and such, be honest by being upfront.

When people find out later what you could’ve told them before they’re not likely to trust you in the future. They’re not likely to be clients who’ll return or recommend others you.

This is why you shouldn’t be sneaky for the sake of a sale. When you are sneaky or deceiving, you gain a sale but lose even more sales in the future. You destroy the bridge to future interactions.

It is more difficult to build a great reputation; destroying it is easy.

Good, No, Great And Fair Business Practice

Great relationship, leadership and business (whatever that is) practice is nothing but simple honesty. There have to be some things you’re not willing to do in pursuit of your mission.

Draw lines. An indiscriminate ‘whatever the cost’ attitude does nothing to help your cause in the long run.

Be upfront and honest with people. They might not like your conditions; at least they’ll fall victim by informed choice.

There’s no doubt we’re conned more often than we realise. We generally realise to the extent consumers are victims when we’re in a bind already.

From the market stall, to malls and online stores. Let’s keep it real.

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