Creators As Critics

When we walk into a gallery or painter’s studio, Ingrid and I perform the same action but differently. She studies, brush strokes, looks at the use of colour, and questions the medium used. When I look at a painting, none of those things matter. This gets me thinking on creators as critics.

What To Do When Struggling With Form

I’ve just been watching the Cricket test match between South Africa and England. South African seem on the back foot at the moment. (Am writing this with one eye on the game; the era of many screens…) South Africa is struggling with their game.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Sneaky To Make A Sale

I’m a diligent shopper. I’m that guy who reads every word of contracts. I read manuals. Information empowers. It is even more helpful when you know where it applies. We often fall victim when information is withheld by those claiming to serve us. Not only can we be victims, we can also be the perpetrators.

The Messy Nature Of Doing Things That Matter

Understanding is not something just happens. Clarity is not something that is magically arrived at. It is a process. I hate it when people, and particularly leaders, act as if there is a straight line to clarity. Figuring anything out is not always a clear path. There are mistakes to be made. Depending on how we… Continue reading The Messy Nature Of Doing Things That Matter