One of the most iconic artists of the last few decades is undoubtedly Michael Jackson. Dubbed, “The King of Pop”, he entertained, influenced and inspired generations. The evolution of Michael Jackson influenced culture. Makes me think…

(A shout out to the Pentatonix for capturing Michael’s evolution.)

The last time I checked, at over 68 million sales, Thriller was still the best selling music album of all time. M.J. redefined how music videos were made; look at this:


Perhaps the influence of artists in each generation is undermined. People who create stuff, in general, shape culture. Creators, be it artists or inventors are curators of the future. From music to writing, right up to technology, culture is defined.

Some thought they writing code as they built apps and they were wrong. With each line of code, they wrote history as they defined the future. The hallmark of each generation is unknown. No one can guess, with absolute precision, how their actions will define the future.

This means that the artist must stop undervaluing himself. I’m not suggesting arrogance. This has nothing to do with being a diva. This has everything to do with not undermining what you create.

Think about it, that idea you work it half-asleep could be the next thing that influences the world. Thus, your work demands reverence. You can’t be flippant or apologetic about what you do. Dare. Start.

In a time where publishing and platforms are so accessible, you really never know. Your next line of code, could steer people’s lifestyles. The next slogan in your marketing campaign could shape people’s attitudes toward something.

Whether you get to do music full-time or or just an indie app developer, have you thought about how you might want to shape the world? Have you appreciated the magnitude of your responsibility to posterity?

In the same way I’m writing about the evolution of Michael Jackson, someone could be writing about you one day. Fame is not the object, often the by-product. What I’m going on about is all of us appreciating the contribution we can make. Appreciating this fact: your contribution to the world, whether around you or at large, could be more weighty that you can imagine.

Your app, invention, prose, poetry, song, blog, speech, idea, or ________ [insert word], could be the thing that contributes in a significant way, to how people will live and remember this decade.

Have you summoned the courage to even dream it? Is there something you’ve now committed to doing daily?

The question is, “Will you dare?”

Dare. Start.

image Su-Hwan Pyo | cc

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  1. I believe this is what the great political activist Andrew Fletcher meant when he said,’ let me wright the songs of a nation,i don’t care who writes its laws’