Learning From The Evolution Of Michael Jackson

One of the most iconic artists of the last few decades is undoubtedly Michael Jackson. Dubbed, “The King of Pop”, he entertained, influenced and inspired generations. The evolution of Michael Jackson influenced culture. Makes me think…

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On Giving Your Team Freedom To Innovate

Innovation is has to do with organisations staying relevant. Thus it is not a matter of choice but one of necessity. It is not only a matter of survival but of flourishing. It is the subject on giving your team freedom to innovate.

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Two Key Differentiators For Success Of Any Enterprise

There are many enterprises with similar missions. Those missions expressed differently but still the same. The reason you have many restaurants, making similar food, for instance, is that there are equally many people who love the same food done somewhat differently.

key differentiators for success of enterprise

The existence of many organisations is evidence there are many people who need to be served. Not only that, people want to be served a particular way. A way which not every enterprise can. For every quirky person or people, is a quirky organisation.

There are differentiators that every enterprise must always be aware of. They are important because they decide, to a great extent, who they will attract and serve. Thus, to an extent, success depends on every enterprise’s complete understanding and unique expression of their identity.

So, here are the three key differentiators, when it comes to what organisations can do internally for success:

Who They Are

Any organisation that will be successful needs to fully understand who they are. Identity is about what you do as well as what you don’t do. Successful organisations are clear on what they do.

With that, they know not to get embroiled in things that compromise their focus, and later their success.

Leader, you must be clear on who you are and be able to express that to the rest of your enterprise.

Expression Of Identity

Any enterprise that misrepresents its mission will attract the wrong ‘clients’ [Click to Tweet]

Attracting the wrong clients will cripple your ability to serve them satisfactorily. Partially served and unhappy ‘customers’ mean a tainted reputation or credibility. Wounded credibility, in turn, means an inability to be taken seriously into the future.

A wrong expression of identity means you also repel the people who should be on your team. I need not overemphasize the importance of having the right people on your team for success of your mission.

Wrong expression of identity means you also repel the people who should be on your team [Click to Tweet]

These are two key differentiators for the success of any enterprise…

Self: The Beginning Of Leaders’ Decline In Influence

The longevity of leaders and enterprises varies from one to another. Likewise there are varied reasons and contexts for this. Some things are obvious and some not so much. However, there are some things that can translate across variables.

One of those things are leaders. Leaders’ influence can wane. No matter how great a leader is or has been, he is never immune from losing his influence. This danger always exists.

beginning of leaders decline in influence

One of the things that leads to a leader’s decline in influence is the leader himself. All leadership starts with self. Any leader’s ability to lead others is significantly proportional to the ability to lead himself.

Investing In Growth

Organizations (should) always look for growth. The great ones understands that growth only comes with some investments of sort. It is always the result of some strategies in action. Decline in influence often starts with overlooking the importance of investing in themselves and the leaders in their enterprise.


I’ve already alluded to this but I do need to state it explicitly: Overlooking the connectedness of a leader herself and the performance of their enterprise is detrimental. For instance, the integrity of a leader at a personal level (if there ever is such a thing) affects his influence at an organizational level.

A leader must be the epitome of the values of his enterprise. When he fails to lead himself in this regard, he cannot lead others. Thus a decline in his influence ensues.

Again: the influence of any enterprise is connected to the influence of its leaders primarily within its walls. This means leaders must always keep themselves in check when it comes to translating their organisation’s values in their personal capacity.

You can’t lead effectively if your personal values don’t align with the enterprise you lead [Click to Tweet]

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Olympia Cafe [#DP365]

Olympia café… Had no idea you had to look up on the wall for the menu. I thought the service culture was bad till I asked around and saw the regulars.

Menu up in the wall and we had no idea and also had no idea you had to go looking for the waiter when you were ready.

A reminder: never make judgement calls by imposing other contexts onto another.

I did get A TON of writing done though :-)