Two Key Differentiators For Success Of Any Enterprise

There are many enterprises with similar missions. Those missions expressed differently but still the same. The reason you have many restaurants, making similar food, for instance, is that there are equally many people who love the same food done somewhat differently. The existence of many¬†organisations is evidence there are¬†many people who need to be served. […]

Building A Culture Of Innovation | TOGETHER

Ideas are innovation currency. Where they are not esteemed or given room to be explored there is no innovation. I wrote about this in the first post of the series. In that post it is apparent that leaders must be open to hearing out those they lead when it comes to ideas. Another dynamic is […]

Building A Culture Of Innovation | IDEAS

‘Leaders’ aren’t leading when there is nothing new as a result of their leadership. When they’re at this point, they’re mere status quo managers. A leader that doesn’t have innovation and ‘new’ at the core of his values doesn’t deserve the position. Innovation must not only be a value, but a culture of organizations that […]