Signs Tell Us 

Signs tell us a lot about some of the things that have happened. They tell us weird things people have done. Signs tell us  the pet peeves of the people who put them up.

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Books I Hope To Read In 2016

I don’t know how mom and dad did it, but however they did, worked. Somehow they got my siblings and I to read, and eventually, love it. Every year I try to read as much as I can.

Community Misc

What People Aren’t Anticipating In Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight

So many predictions are on: who will win. Everyone showing the slightest interest has an opinion and prediction. This fight, at least for me, is the biggest one since Tyson vs. Holyfied. An interesting thing, though, is that peoples’ predictions on the outcome are mostly around who they think will win.


On The First @FlySafair Flight From Cape Town

I guess I’m part of the guinea pig batch on this new passenger airline. And they just gave us goodie bags, with, wait for it, a mouse pad (do people still use those?!), water bottle, luggage tag…

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Being Moved By The Inexplicable

Just finished watching August Rush with Ingrid. I loved the music. Almost surreal and unrealistic that people can be moved by music in such an intense way… Truth: I love music. Besides the sad country music, I’ve got no preferred genre; I love all beautiful music. I’m moved intensely by music. I weep, laugh, dance. […]