Books I Hope To Read In 2016

5 thoughts on “Books I Hope To Read In 2016”

  1. Nice to have a list ahead of time. I have not heard of my most of the books.
    I read a book a month (often cramming in the last day or so of the month.)
    I have this, which I want to update some.
    I might switch to having “to read” on my Amazon Wish List and use this to keep track of what I have read.
    From your list, I have read Do Over, Animal Farm, and To Sell is Human. (The Bible also, ;) )

    1. Neat! I like the bookshelf. I’m sure I started one on some site many years ago and forgot about it. I’m going through the list of books you’ve read in the past and some I’ve read as well. Some interesting titles. You also have Agatha Christie my favourite mystery / crime writer at some point, when i was younger

      Do let me know as you find other interesting reads as they year goes. Looking forward to reading a lot of your writing too ;-)

  2. The first African author I read is Jonny Steinberg. His “The Number” was an amazing read and Kim just finished “A Man of Good Hope”.

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