Why I write and or blog is one question I’ve answered many times in different ways. However, as I think about it, there are more answers everytime I contemplate this. Almost everytime I have a go at answering this questions different expressions and nuances ensure.

You can read how I’ve answered this question in the past in the past:

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These are just some fo the places… To answer the question to today:

R and R

I can’t explain completely but I find writing relaxing. Some do yoga, I write.

My mind is a noisy place. Writing forces me to focus. And, silence, of sort, comes with that focus [Click to Tweet]


I’m one of those guys who believes he can change the world. I’m naive enough to think that I could write words that inspire, challenge and encourage others [Click to Tweet].

I believe that by somehow opening drawing the curtain and unveiling my humanity and frailty others can grapple with similar things better than I did. Somehow sharing my “aha moments” and “mountain-top experiences” will change people’s lives.


Writing, for me, is like looking into the mirror [Click to Tweet]. As I write I take a look at who I am. It can be uncomfortable as I look in the eye things that irk me about myself.

Looking into mirrors equips you to make adjustments to things that are out of place.  I write to course correct my life and leadership. As I’ve said before I write for myself first and everyone else second.

Blogging is just one way that allows me to invite others in the journey of transformation and getting better.

Can’t Help

I can’t help but write. I just can’t help it. In a sense I’m a slave to writing. Writing has me. I got it bad. I hate it but I love it!

Writing is a more than self-expression but a matter of survival. A way of life. [Click to Tweet]

I’ll have to stop here for now… Here’s one of the pieces in the puzzle in answering the question, “Why I write and or blog”…

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