Articulated or not, everyone, blogger, enterprise and such, have some sort of tag line. Something, other than their name that give an idea what they’re about. At the time of writing this, it’s been at least six years I’ve blogged in a consistent way. A few people have spoken to me on life and leadership heretic tag.

(Up front: this tag has nothing to do with faith or religion)

One of the reasons is that I have, shut down a few blogs I had, which gave insight. I’ve moved most of the posts from those blogs to this one and redirected their links to where the posts now live. I’m glad I never waited to get the perfect tag before starting to blog.

Waiting for the perfect ______ is anti-progress. Anyways, I’m considering change the tag to something less abstract. For some, the “life and leadership heretic” is rather abstract. I’m also wondering that now. After adopting this tag on this blog, I haven’t thought about it much till now.

My focus has been creating and publishing content. Among other things, writing and publishing are some of the big ways of recharging.

Getting back to the tag, I thought it would be great to give context and how I arrived and adopted it.

Most people who’ve known me well for a while have, in different ways, said I tend to state things in a strong way. I’ve always challenged statements or ideas. Not for the sake of being argumentative but to understand better.

Some close to me have seen me argue a case with myself with them as the audience. I seem to challenge everything. In a sense be contrarian. But I’m not and at the same time I am. The end point: is better understanding.

I like to have what I think challenged. Again, not for the sake of being argumentative but for better understanding. On a normal day I tend to ask literal questions. I can also can get frustrated when the reason I ask the question replaces dealing with the question.

Conversation is at its best when you talk and listen without anticipating what the other is trying to say. Listening first is critical.

So, how does this all fit in with the “life and leadership heretic” tag line? Well, I’ve never been able to articulate what I’ve just said in this way. This was until one day Seth Godin, helped me.

As I read his book, “Tribes” he articulated how I felt. One of the strongest themes in Tribes is that the thing that makes leaders. One of the things that about great change is one person deciding to lead. This decision impacts, first, the life of the one who decides.

Second, it impacts those who decide to follow. It impacts those who share the interest or cause of the one who has decided to lead.

Godin also states, “…change is the first sign of risk…”. The idea that there is always risk for any significant impact to happen. Someone has to take a risk to advance anything. His words helped me articulate how I’ve taken risks and how I wanted others to do the same.

Sometimes we need others to push us to change; to take risks. I want others to do that for me so I try to do that for them.

I know many people who have great talent and skill. Unleashed they could make positive impact in the world. Alas, they shy away from the opportunity because of the risk. Sometimes I am that person too.

This is where all these things converged:

Heretics are the new leaders. The ones who challenge the status quo, who get out in front of their tribes, who create movements. — Seth Godin

To Sum It All

I’ve always been and still am fascinated by how people live their lives. I’ve also made a habit, as best as I can, of studying myself. At the same time, I want people to be the best I can be.

So, with fascination for how people can live their best lives and put to great use their God-given talents. With the desire to see people not allow themselves get trapped by the status quo:

“life and leadership heretic” — contrary to the status quo imposed by the environment. Pushing myself and trying to get others on a journey of discovery. And adventure of well-lived lives. A convergence of how every individual lives impacts those they lead.

Will you choose to “matter” instead of “fetters”?


I might have changed my tag by the time you read this. But the whole point has to do with me pushing myself to be the best. I also want to see you, see others choose ruckus over comfort every time.

People yearn for change, they relish being part of a movement, and they talk about things are remarkable, not boring — Seth Godin

Why? For the simple reason: to make a significant contribution for the world to be a greater place.

Leaders make a ruckus — Seth Godin

Just a peek on life and leadership heretic tag…

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