Being heretic, at least in our sense, has nothing to do with being disruptive for the sake of it. Dissension for the sake of it does not only help the status quo but also leave things in a worse state.

You have to see and act beyond where you are. Making the world a better place is laying a foundation on top of a foundation that others have done in the past. It is an unselfish, selfless act. A labor of love. A love for what you want you want to change and for most you will never meet.

Those who dare serve the world and generations after them, in a way that matters, must not act to be remembered by future generations as their primary object. Act to make a difference.

Not that you will not be remembered. You might be. Then again, may be not. Chances are, the future will be too preoccupied with itself to really make that much of a fuss about you. If it happens great… But that cannot be the object of those that want to make a significant dent in the present for future generations.

You must see yourself as building a platform for others. A selfless, and perhaps thankless act. But act nonetheless. One of the best gifts you could give yourself, those around you and those coming after you, is giving everything you have to give and doing everything you have in your power to do to make the world a greater place.

We all have the capacity to live brave lives. More than, that, we all have the duty. We have to be seeing and acting beyond. We must see and act generationally… Be boldBe /ˈherətik/

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