“Looking forward to…” Words I haven’t said out loud in a while. A lot of what I’m looking forward to is in mindmaps, safe in a secret location. I’m back to using mindmaps as a thought clarifying process. They’re great for brainstorming and outlining processes. I like to pencil in details while having the entire picture in sight.

I haven’t said out loud what I’m looking forward to. It is not that I have nothing I’m looking forward to. I have a lot. I just realised I haven’t been reminding myself. It is easy to stay stuck in reflection of the recent past that you’re oblivious to the present.

This puts one in a state of missing and undermining opportunities here, now. I’m not saying that is where I am, just shining the spotlight on possible danger. This is true for both life in general, and leadership.

One could also look so far ahead they don’t realise they’re about to stumble in the present. The kind of “looking forward to” I’m talking about is one of anticipation. It is an excitement about a reality that awaits. It is inspiration that transcends motivation. Action.

It is easy to see what you’re looking forward to by what you are doing today. Nothing creates reality like action today. ‘Action’ also means things we’re not doing. Both what we do and don’t do now give a glimpse of the future.

Looking at my calendar and emails, (this could be lyrics to a song…) I realise I have a lot to look forward to. Many pots on the fire. This is not to suggest that the more you have going on the more you have to look forward to. It could suggest that one is likely to fail at more things than succeed at a few. This is for another blog.

For now, judging from your calendar or present activity, what are you looking forward to?


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