Perhaps I’m a dreamer. Well, at least, I have moments when my creativity dominates my mind-space. It is usually in those times I’m flooded with ideas, concepts and such. We often get ideas we cannot always act on.

A few years ago I started an ideas journal of sort. Evernote is one app I’ve found immensely helpful. It enables me to capture ideas and other thoughts in an indexable and searchable way.

Being able to capture ideas is the least of all my challenges. All dreamers will tell you that the dreaming part is always the easiest. There are those ideas you can do something about. What to do with concepts and ideas you can’t execute, yet?

Ideas, if they are to change the world, make an impact in some way, have to be executed (Click to Tweet).

All ideas that have changed the world are ones that have been executed. While it is not always easy to put wheels on ideas, we do have ideas we can’t execute, yet. Some, ideas I cannot execute. Either never (never say never) or not yet.

So, What To Do With Concepts And Ideas You Can’t Execute Yet? I came up with some options:

Sell Them

This might just be as difficult as executing. It means one needs to find ways of packaging his ideas such that they become a commodity.

Selling ideas can take on different forms. It could be completely relinquishing the idea to someone for some sort of compensation. Perhaps small shares in the returns from the execution.

Have you thought about selling the ideas or concepts you can’t execute? Most people lose out on the opportunity of getting a return for their ideas because they want hundred percent ownership and returns. Though ideal, one hundred percent is not always practical.

A small percentage is better than one hundred percent of nothing (Click to Tweet)

Partner / Collaborate

Sometimes the reasons people have restrictions when it comes to actioning ideas is a lack of expertise and resources. In such instances wisdom will say employ those who have them.

This could mean having employees. Perhaps a more practical approach could be collaboration and partnerships. Partnerships have the potential to enhance and amplify impact. Don’t be so quick to rule them out.


Being struck by genius doesn’t necessarily dictate action.

You don’t have to act because you have an idea (Click to Tweet).

Sometimes you need to let the idea simmer. Let it stew; give it time to take better shape, to crystallize. Sometimes great ideas can be distractions to other things already in motion.

Shelving concepts is sometimes a wiser thing to do, until there’s time, space and resources for them. Sometimes waiting is a great way of testing how passionate you are about the idea.

Chances are if it is not something that keeps coming back taunt you, and with greater intensity each time, it might not be worth your while. You’re likely to bail on your own ideas unless they have possessed you.

Perhaps waiting before doing something about your ideas until you cannot not act is the wiser thing to do (Click to Tweet).

Build Their Platform

Often, before you’re able to do one thing you need to have other components in place. If you cannot act your idea right now, one of the things you could be doing is building a platform for them.

Focus on putting in place those things that will enable action later. Don’t abandon your idea because you can’t act on it due to missing puzzle pieces.

How about figuring out the kind of environment that will allow your idea to flourish, and create it!

What would you tell dreamers, like myself, you have ideas or concepts they cannot execute, yet?

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