Start of a new day. Sunrise, a mini “reset”. Hello day; time to own you. The day is already made, then we get to make the day. Not just what’s in it but what we also put in it. Not just what it does to us but we do to the day.

That 24 hours everyone gets, yet uses in diverse ways with matching outcomes. A day; a building block. Time to build a little, soon what can be grand.

When we look at a day as a day, a single component, we miss out on what we can build with time. I sometimes overestimate what I can do in a day. This makes me feel like I don’t have time enough to accomplish anything significant with it.

However, if I looked at a day as a component, a module, in the grander scheme of time, I tend to accomplish more. Less pressure. At the end of the day I make peace with the fact that I’ve accomplished something by just being a step closer to my goal.

A day can easily feel wasted when I’ve attempted to jump ten steps ahead when only one in a day is possible. Thus accomplishment, or the feeling of it, becomes a matter of what I expect of the day and what is practically possible.

One day is already a constraint on its own. At the same time, it is a window; a window through which a limited amount can be pushed through.

Make peace with the constraints of the day. But don’t stop there; see how you can push through the boundaries and constraints.

Because you cannot change time, think about how you can change yourself and how you manage it. Productivity is about how you fit in the rocks.

Significant accomplishments don’t just happen in a day. They take place one moment in a day and one day in week at a time. Own the day for what it is and what you can put in it. See how you can manipulate yourself around time. It is useless to try and manipulate time around you.

Hello Day; Now To Own You!

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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