There are at least, as many opinions, if not more, than the number of people on the planet. In fact I’ve written about how “Opinion Shortage” will never make headline. Ever!

From the Fergueson in America, to Xenophobia in South Africa, to the earthquakes in Nepal and a host of other subjects. Pick a subject and opinions will greet your ear drums.

From what some consider art, to the economy, to what is funny and what isn’t. Trivia and life in general… For every issue there’s a myriad of opinions. Everyone is a critic and always will be. Truth: not every critique is helpful either.

Besides the number of opinions, another problem I have is that too many people mistake opinion with fact. Opinions, despite their emphasis or their expression, do not necessarily constitute fact or truth.

You know how we all can pull a statistic out of thin air and speak about it as if it was something thoroughly investigated and interrogated? As if not enough, we then proceed to speak and even act on the basis of that “statistic”! Ludicrous!

Too many mistake opinion for fact [Click to Tweet]

Repeating opinions doesn’t necessarily make them true. And because they’re opinions it doesn’t necessarily mean they are true.

Smell your own armpits – African Proverb [Click to Tweet]

I love this African proverb. Mom used this on my siblings and I. The idea behind it, is to check yourself. Be honest with yourself. Assess yourself.

How does this relate to opinions and facts? I’m glad you asked. Don’t hold onto your opinions so firmly. How strongly you feel about something may not be always wrong or true.

Don’t think of yourself or your opinions too highly. I must constantly remind myself never to share my opinion as fact. This is not only important in my relationships but also in leading others.

I must state my opinions as that, only. Nothing more. I could easily betray trust of those I lead by sharing them as truth and fact.

A lesson for everyone, really: you’re not all that and are capable of self-deceit. Believing you’re impervious, regardless of the dose, of self-deceit as far as your opinions are concerned is the epitome of arrogance. That is usually followed by a notable crash.

Unless you can hold your opinions lightly, you can easily ignore truth or fact to your peril. On opinions and fact, listen to everyone, but don’t be so quick to believe everyone, and this includes yourself.

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