Abstract Art Is…

Art is subjective. Different things appeal to different people.

Michael Moser has an interesting perspective on abstract art. I kinda agree with him… Your take?

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Author: Blessing Mpofu

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5 thoughts on “Abstract Art Is…”

  1. Abstract art isn’t about bluff skills. It’s actually about the other way round. How can it be an art if there is no passion put on it, for once, contemplate because for me abstaction isn’t a work of bluff skills, it shows if it’s a masterpiece.

    1. I have seen amazing abstract art. Art is extremely subjective. Value and appreciation is often inferred. As to its value and expertise, it boils down to individuals.

  2. I do not agree. Abtraction is not a bluff. How can you say a work of art a bluff. Come on, make up your mind. Other than that I would like to show how thankful I am for sharing this one.

    1. How great art is is often a matter of who appreciates it. Art wouldn’t truly be art if everyone could create it and saw it the same… Thus, i think both you and MIchael are right :-)

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