So many predictions are on: who will win. Everyone showing the slightest interest has an opinion and prediction. This fight, at least for me, is the biggest one since Tyson vs. Holyfied.

An interesting thing, though, is that peoples’ predictions on the outcome are mostly around who they think will win.

One possible outcome that I haven’t heard anyone give is a draw.

Here’s an outcome not many people are anticipating in the #MayweatherPacquiao fight [Click to Tweet]

What about factoring in a draw?! Though I’m not the best analyst or critic, I think it’s possible.

What are your thoughts?

featured image: bfurnace

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  1. Ha. I like this. The other options view. I am not into fighting at all, although I understand the appreciation of the skills and dedication, the length society goes into analyzing and defending “their guy” is what fascinates me.

    Thank you Sir.