I might be so bad with blind spots that my blind spots have their own blind spots. Whether we admit it, we all have blind spots. Some are character flaws. Others are a product of our circumstance and focus.

Focus intentionally and unintentionally creates blind spots. As we chase dreams and the mission, we have to choose what becomes important. We choose to be blind to some things.

Then there are things that we can lose sight of because of the chase. Though we find meaning and fulfillment in our chase, we’re at our most vulnerable. A lot of things will fade away…

While you chase your ‘dream, passion’ or whatever you call it, you’re likely to overlook

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Here are things you might be overlooking as you chase your dream:

The Present

Dream pursuit is inherently future oriented. It is our attempt to get ‘make it’ or get ‘there’. However clear or illusive our  “there” is. Often “there” is both a destination and journey.

As you pursue, your “there” don’t lose sight of the present. Dreamers tend to live in the future, so, remember that you’re alive today, now. Here, now.

Remember the present. Find something to savour today. Now.


Obscurity is often a reality (even for a season) for all dream-chasers. The “big break” is never really a big break. It is chance bolsters by hard work; how does the saying go?: blood sweat, swearing and tears?

Because you’re obscurity doesn’t mean you need to overlook excellence. One of the most fatal mistakes you could ever make is think that you’ll pay attention to some things after you ‘make it’. Big mistake.

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For more on obscurity check out this awesome post, there’s also this one and ah, this one. Do it!


You don’t have to be miserable and boring while you’re chasing your dream. Boring and insufferable or intolerable isn’t synonymous with being serious about your dream.

You don’t have to be a jerk, to yourself and others, when chasing your dream. Do some mindless things just for the fun of it. This is even more important when you’re not chasing your dream on a full-time basis.

If you have the privilege of chasing your dream for a living, whatever that is, fun will help rid you of bore and keep your interest piqued. You need to have good distractions from your work.

 One Piece

All your pursuit is useless and wasted if you can’t get “there” intact. This means being healthy in a holistic sense. That is, your physical health, relationships, mental and emotional state.

Nothing takes away from a dream like losing other important things and ‘making it’. Take care of yourself and those that matter most in your life. Make time for them. Nothing is as sweet as having people you care the most about share in your success.

When you take care of yourself you’re able to actually enjoy “arriving”. Again, if you’re not chasing your dream on a full-time basis, chances are you take time from work to work on your dream. This means that you never fully rest; you’re faculties are constantly engaged.

This means you never get to really rest. Your dream is yours, but it is not more important than you. Take time out to rest even from the chase. You’ll be refreshed and when you return to it you will see that you fed your hunger to succeed even more.


Be clear about what you are going to overlook intentionally as you chase your dreams. Constantly ask, “What am I missing or overlooking?” Perhaps engage those closest to you.

The goal is to enjoy the journey, be intact and arrive intact to enjoy your dream fully [Click to Tweet].

All the best in chasing your dream!

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