The Difference Between Guidance And Control

Leadership has a lot to do with directing people. This includes identifying and appropriating their uniqueness. Uniqueness extends to how they are wired: their dispositions, skills and talents. You can change people but only to an extent. Thus guiding is a critical aspect of leading. (Actually, this also applies to parenting)

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Cheap Deceit

You don’t want to pay ‘too much’. ‘Unreasonable price’ is a subjective. This is why we can be on the hunt for cheap. We sometimes use synonymous or words similar. ‘Cost effective’ is one of the terms used instead, sometimes. Our search for bargains, however we interpret that, can put us in danger of cheap deceit.

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The Commitments That Suffer Most When Life Gets Hectic

I just got back to the office from the ‘holidays’. I knew there were a lot of important and urgent things awaiting. I successfully resisted the urge to work and tried to focus on building a reserve of strength I’d need when I got back.

As I imagined things are as I had imagined. At the start of the year and I’ve already used, “hectic” as a response and punctuation. Time and excellence are of the essence!

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Things You Might Be Overlooking As You Chase Your Dream

I might be so bad with blind spots that my blind spots have their own blind spots. Whether we admit it, we all have blind spots. Some are character flaws. Others are a product of our circumstance and focus.

Focus intentionally and unintentionally creates blind spots. As we chase dreams and the mission, we have to choose what becomes important. We choose to be blind to some things.

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Friends Help Friends Jumpstart Their Cars (cc @Buhle007)

Got to connect with Buhle, great catching up… And, he helped me jump start my car (I left my car lights on for well over an hour!). That’s a parable of life. Friends are necessary to sometimes help us do things we cannot do for ourselves.

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