The Difference Between Guidance And Control

Leadership has a lot to do with directing people. This includes identifying and appropriating their uniqueness. Uniqueness extends to how they are wired: their dispositions, skills and talents. You can change people but only to an extent. Thus guiding is a critical aspect of leading. (Actually, this also applies to parenting)

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Living And Leading In “No Longer, But Not Yet”

Living and leading in “no longer, but not yet” is most liberating. In fact that is how we ought to live and lead. Speaks of identity, character, vision and on the overall, mission.

“No longer, but not yet” is the epitome of a journey. In many ways, I haven’t arrived. As a leader, I still a long way to go. A lot to learn, unlock and achieve. I’m restless over the things I need to attain.

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Really Listening; Undermined Skill

I listened to University of Cape Town debate. I noticed and was reminded of something key in life, leading and communication general. There are versions, perceptions and even illusions of listening but it is not what most think. Really listening is a lost practice.

The practice of listening is what separates communicators and mere talkers. To effectively engage people you must understand what is meant beyond what is said. You have to listen well to respond well. Don’t just wait your turn to speak, really listen.

Leadership is impossible if you don’t understand the problems. This means listening, not just waiting for the other person to finish talking so that you talk.

Meaningful engagement means willingness to express others’ views by listening. Not just listening, but really listening.

Leadership Is More Than Being In Charge

When I said, “leadership is more than being in charge”, someone asked for a definition of leadership. The definition of leadership and what exactly it entails has riddled many who’ve tried to define it to the dot… There are very few things that can be defined right down to the last iota. There are some universal beliefs about what leadership is and what it isn’t.

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Some Questions: This Lemonade

There are those questions we all ask… For instance: “of all sodas made, WHY is this one only available in 200ml and not 340ml as well?!”

Perhaps this company doesn’t realize opportunity. Maybe they they make more money this way?

Do all these questions matter. How deeply can or should I about this? I suppose the longer I ask this question the more it will bother AND eventually frustrate me.

It is a small thing that can rob me of my joy, energy and focus. Not all questions are worthy…

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